• Advocacy Strategy
    Advocacy strategy

    FDI’s advocacy strategy positions oral health as essential to general health and well-being. Integrating oral health into the noncommunicable disease and universal health coverage agendas is critical to the successful delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Minamata Convention
    Minamata Convention on Mercury

    The Minamata Convention on Mercury has specific provisions for dental amalgam — a metal mixture used for tooth fillings containing 50% mercury that has been used around the world to repair tooth decay for over 150 years.

  • Our Statements
    Our statements

    FDI develops and uses statements as key advocacy resources to urge policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to take specific action on oral health. 

  • Infographic
    Oral health and noncommunicable diseases

    Oral diseases are among the most common and preventable NCDs worldwide, and they are generally related to the same risk factors associated with over 100 other NCDs.

  • UHC
    Universal health coverage

    Essential oral health services remain out of reach for millions of people. Integrating oral health into UHC will help improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities in access to care.

  • Vision 2030
    Vision 2030: Delivering Optimal Oral Health for All

    The Vision 2030 report aims to assist the dental profession in delivering optimal oral health to all – with no one left behind.