Capacity building

Awards and grants

  • Smile Grant
    FDI Smile Grant

    The Smile Grant recognizes FDI members that are making a difference in oral health through innovative and sustainable community outreach projects in their countries.

  • Travel Grant
    Travel grants for members

    The travel grant is available to FDI members who would like to attend the FDI World Dental Congress and be part of the FDI decision-making processes.

  • WOHD Awrads
    World Oral Health Day Awards

    The World Oral Health Day Awards recognize those who organize the most outstanding campaigns. The awards are divided in six categories to recognize the work of FDI members, students, and the public.

  • Dental fund
    World Dental Development Fund

    The World Dental Development Fund aims to improve oral health globally, primarily through the establishment of innovative prevention and access programs in disadvantaged populations.