Electronic Health Records in Dentistry

Integrated Electronic Health Records in Dentistry

Integrated Electronic Health Records (EHRs) revolutionize patient medical history by organizing it in a digital format that can be accessed across various health care settings. The adoption and optimal use of integrated EHRs therefore has the potential to significantly improve overall health care quality and research. A crucial element in this process is to assess the applicability of these integrated health records in the diverse health care settings according to the needs and preferences of end-users, including health care providers and researchers. Their feedback in relation to integrated dental medical EHRs has not yet been explored and could be an important driver to increase the uptake of integrated EHRs amongst different health care providers. In addition to this, a standard set of oral health indicators relevant to different health care professionals for inclusion in integrated EHRs has never been defined.

Interprofessional collaboration to improve patients’ overall health outcomes

FDI’s Integrated Electronic Health Records in Dentistry project aims to identify and understand the needs and preferences of end-users related to integrated dental medical EHRs. By gathering their feedback, the project intends to develop a recommended set of oral health indicators to be included in integrated EHRs and to provide guidance on the regular collection of data to facilitate comprehensive health care, thereby promoting and enhancing the overall well-being of patients.

Goal 1

Improve interprofessional collaboration and integrated health care.

Goal 2

Identify end-users’ needs, preferences, and acceptability with regards to integrated dental medical EHRs and determine how integrated health records can enhance health care.

Goal 3

Develop and recommend a set of oral health indicators to be included and routinely recorded in EHRs.

Task Team

Prof. Mark Wolff
United States of America
Lina Weinert M.Sc.
Dr Piret Väli
Dr Jina Lee Linton
Republic of Korea
Fred Horowitz
United States of America

The Integrated Electronic Health Records in Dentistry project is supported by :

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Henry Schein Inc. and Henry Schein One are excited to collaborate with FDI to meaningfully advance medical and dental workflow interoperability through a profession and industry partnership to develop benchmark best practices for specific information field sharing in EMRs. We believe in supporting initiatives that deliver practical and precise insights from the patient health record to enable clinicians to deliver better patient care, and believe empowering closer working relationships between dental and medical practitioners is a key element of this journey. It is critical that industry and the profession encourage deeper practice interconnectivity between oral health and overall health, and this partnership with FDI aims to provide a foundational component to furthering integrated care models.

Ali Hyatt
Chief Marketing Officer
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