Travel grants for members

Eligible National Dental Associations (NDAs) may apply for a travel grant to attend the FDI World Dental Congress. The travel grant is available to Member NDAs from low- and low-middle income countries who would like to attend the World Dental Parliament Business Meetings and General Assembly and be part of the FDI decision-making process.

The travel grant covers the following expenses, including:

  • up to 60% of the round-trip travel expenses to the World Dental Congress;
  • accommodation in a hotel chosen by FDI; and
  • cost of Congress registration.

    Recipients of the travel grant are expected to attend the World Dental Parliament Business Meetings and, afterwards, send FDI a report with their feedback and impressions of the experience. 

    Objectives of the Travel Grant
    • To give all member NDAs equal access to the General Assembly and other Business Meetings. FDI strives for all members to be represented by at least one delegate at the General Assembly.
    • To increase the number of delegates from low-and-middle-income countries who participate in the decision-making process at the General Assembly, as the outcomes impact oral health programmes worldwide.
    • To facilitate widespread attendance at the scientific programme and dental exhibition. This encourages participants to learn about and share information on new scientific developments with their NDAs.

    The Travel Grant is implemented by the Membership Liaison and Support Committee, which reviews and selects successful applicants.

    To determine eligibility, please contact:

    Maria Kramarenko

    Membership Manager  

    T +41 22 560 81 35

    Please note that priority is given to candidates from National Dental Associations that have not received the grant in the last five years.